Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Loving the Brazilian CTM !!!!!!

Oi familia! Como via?? oh its been such an awesome week i seriously love it here. i dont have too much time today so i will try to get everything in and answer your questions! well first off im feeling awesome this  week! our lessons with our investigators have gone so well and theres been such a strong spirit when weve taught this last week. sunday was really hard because a big group of our brazilians friends left and we just love them so much. they are really the nicest people. singing god be with you till we meet again in portuguese gets me every time. oh the singing here is so beautiful. i absolutely love the hyms in portuguese and i love just love portuguese! i cant wait till i can speak it! everyone says the accent in the north is a lot different than here so i will have a learning curve in the field. right now im focusing on vocab that will help me talk about you guys and how to give my testimony. we got a new elder last wednesday and then another one is coming today from provo. they all say they learn a lot more here as far as language which is good. you definitely learn how to study here. i thought i kind of knew, but no i have a lot to learn! language learning is just totally different. the best is to just talk to the brazilians. we eat almost every meal with them and they teach us so much! most of them speak a little english and they want to learn so we teach each other its wonderful! oh and everyone can pronounce our name because theres a mckenzie university in sao paulo. its just so fun to get to know the people here. theres a lot of missionaries from other south american countries especially columbia and peru. they love practicing their portuguese with us. today, on the way home from the temple my friend from peru helped me learn the first vision! it was so wonderful! ive learned that its reallly all about attitude here. if youre happy, you learn. the spirit is so much more easily felt when your heart is open and you have  a good attitude. im so glad i dont feel sick, it really helps to feel healthy here since our days are so busy! i cant believe ive been here two weeks already, the time is flying! i really do love it here. it was an adjustment at first but now it feels like home, its going to be so hard to say goodbye. i love my district and all my south american friends. theres just such a good spirit here i love it. i know it really is just the beginning but i feel like time is going quick! i will be back with a million amazing stories in just a few months! this work is so wonderful. so many sacrifice so much to be here and i have come to know of the truthfulness of our message so strongly these past few weeks. i know that god lives and he loves us so much. he wants the best for each of his children and he is there at every moment to help you. i love you all so much! your pictures are seen all around the ctm! haha, they really love them. they think mom is brazilian haha. sometimes they think i am until i start talking. love you so much! ate logo!

-Sister McKenzie