Monday, June 23, 2014

Feliz Sao Joao!

Senhor de Bonfim is full! Tourist, fireworks and felicidade :) Today is extra special because it´s Brazil´s last chance to make it to the final (they´re tied with Mexico in their group right now). I hope they win because if not I think the whole country will enter into depression. And it´s dificult to teach when people are angry or sad, its better if they are happy :)

Today is the first day of my 7th transfer, can you believe it?? After this I have 5 more :0 The time is truly going by so quickly. And having a wonderful companion and apartment-mates makes it go by even quicker!
I love the people we are teaching so much! One couple, Lucia and Sandro, are the cutest! Their son is leaving on his mission Wednesday :) She goes to church every Sunday and she is an amor de pessoa!! I love her so much! We finally had the chance to meet her husband at FHE and we went there Friday and taught them about the Restoration, We´ve already taught her everything, but not him yet! He had such wonderful questions and was really interested in the Book of Mormon. They just need to be legally married, and with the help of president that should be soon!

A few little things from this week :) We were walking down the street and stopped to talk a group of women. They ended up sharing these little tiny coconuts with us (my awesome coconut cracking skills were quite useful). One thing (of the many) that I love here is that they truly share everything. They will help anyone and are so accepting and kind. We also crossed the sketchiest bridge. Walking along the railroad and suddenly there was no ground underneath us, just cars passing and people cheering for us to cross. I felt like the Donkey from Shrek. Sister Reis didn´t blink and crossed in one second and I was on the other side screaming with fear. Terrible. But we made it across.

All is well here, we are happy and healthy and seeing miracles everyday! I hope you are all doing wonderful! Love you!

-Sister McKenzie

1. street walkin

1. hello winter!

 world cup parttyyyy

senhor edson :)

sao paulo- prepare for Elder Santos!

baby coconut

when does it stop?!

 cutting milho for sao joao

watch out! she knows her stuff