Friday, July 25, 2014

World Cup depression is dying down

World Cup depression is dying down and World Cup apathy has kicked in. But no one seemed to tell the weather that-it´s cloudy and dreary, but there is sunshine in my soul! I got a little under the weather this week; being sick is bad but it has its bright spots as well. I got a lot of reading done. And the other sisters have had some time to rest. And I´ve thought a lot. Sometimes you just gotta do what the doctor says and stay down. You can try to push through it, but if you want to get better-you have to do things to get better! So best to be happy and use the time for good instead of stressing out that you´re not doing what you think you should be doing. To everything there is a season. Even for sickness.

I feel like I have SO much more to do here, but instead of stressing out about that like I used to, it just motivates me now. Infinite am I! And infinite are the things I can learn. It´s little by little, drop by drop, line upon line. It´s not a sprint. It´s not a race. Because, as Elder Uchtdorf said in this last conference, in the gospel of Jesus Christ there are no real endings, just eternal beginnings. One door shuts and another opens. One chapter comes to a close, but the book doesn´t finish. There´s no such thing as endings, not really. Because to God, it´s all just starting.

Be happy with where we are. Not settled, but happy. Keep striving to be better, to forgive, and to grow. Don’t beat yourself up when you don’t do it perfect. The commandment to be perfect as He is perfect isn’t supposed to leave us feeling hopeless. In fact, it should leave us feeling so full of resplendent hope that every time we mess up, wesmile and say, `´ok, well that’s something I’m not perfect at, but I know someone who is``. Then we go to Christ and we repent. And we try to fix that imperfection. And we keep going.  

Sometimes we think (or at least I did a lot) that it´s either perfection or failure. I either get an ``A+`` or I get an ``F`. Then I realized that´s actually nowhere in the scriptures or in modern revelation. Instead, we find words of hope, repentance and change. And it´s not just ``ta-dah! And now I´m PERFECT!!``. Even when Alma and the Sons of Mosiah were converted by the angel, none of them were translated, because they still had some things to work out- they still had imperfections. But they didn’t let that stop them. And they are now honored as some of the greatest missionaries who have ever walked the Earth. Not because they were perfect, but because they tried. And they kept trying. And they didn’t look back on their old ways and say , ``well it´s too late now, we were so wicked we should just give up.`` No. They trusted in the promise of the angel. They didn´t give up. It’s not about how many times you fall, it´s about how many time you get back up. Because, in the end, who will stand in front of God? Only those who´ve learned to get up on their feet.

Love you!!! Say your prayers and read your scriptures!

-Sister McKenzie