Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Getting Use to the CTM

so this week was really good! mostly the same as last week. the temple was so beautiful today i loved it. and i got to see gary! that was exciting! he gave me some really good advice for the language. he definitely has an accent now haha. oh today we are changing rooms and getting brazilian roomates!! im so excited for that! but im sad to leave my sisters too. i think it will help with the language if we have sisters from brazil. oh this friday we go out proselyting on friday! can you believe that?? im nervous but excited too. ive heard the people are awesome. conference was amazing and just what i needed. it was so strange to think that that is the last time ill see it in english for a year and a half! hopefully by next conference ill be able to understand the tanslation! hmm no more major news now. i love it here and im learning so much! my district is so awesome and the people are veryyy friendly. love you all so much! continue to trust in the lord, he will help you so much. and read your scriptures! miss you!
-Sister McKenzie