Tuesday, May 20, 2014

First Week Being a Trainer

Wonderful week here in Senhor do Bonfim! And the best part...Sister Reis, my filha!!! I went and got her on Tuesday. Well actually, we left Monday at midnight (7 hours to Salvador!), but I met her Tuesday. I knew the moment I saw her that she would be my trainee. When we got to President´s house, two sisters were in the living room, but there were three of us training. I talked a little bit with the other two, then went to use the restroom. Sister Reis was there and she said she wasnt feeling well. My mom mode kicked in right away. Peptobismol saves a life yet again! It was meant to be :) We got back to Bonfim on Wednesday morning, rested a little bit then off to work! We are teaching the most amazinggggggg people! I love them all so much! I wish you guys could meet them! Our area is really big, BUT the Lord is helping us use our time effectively and we´ve had so much success in just this first half week, I´m so excited to see what He has in store for us!
Sister Reis is learning English :) she has such a good accent! And she remembers things so quickly! We are teaching fluidly and with the Spirit, I couldn´t ask for more!
Sunday was my eight month birthday, I can´t believe it! Nearly at my halfway mark! It has truly flown by, but a lot has happened too. I can already say that deciding to serve a mission is the best decision I´ve made thus far in my life and I still have so many more experiences and miracles to come! I can´t imagine my life now without serving a mission. It would be missing so much! I´ve learned things of eternal worth, things that I don´t believe I could have learned in any other setting. I can now say that I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that God lives. He loves us. He sent His Son so that we can live forever in happiness. The Savior´s sacrifice makes anything and everything possible. We are free. Our future is secure. In Him, we have a covanant. In Him, we have an anchor. In Him, we have eternity. 

``I´´m so so so happy. I can´t describe my happiness to you. 60 years of searching and I´ve found the truth`` -Edison (one of our wonderful investigators). Like Edison, we can all feel true happiness. We have the key, the door and the path. Pray and read your scriptures! I love you all! Se cuida!
-Sister McKenzie