Monday, November 18, 2013

Working on My Portuguese Personality

two month anniversary today! i cant believe how the time has flown! im getting more and more used to the culture here and am really loving it. im understanding almost everything, its just speaking now!! but the sisters we live with and my companion help so much. this week was wonderful! i got to meet sister B. and she is awesome! we get along so well! she was with us all day and i learned so much from her. she speaks sooo well. she said when she first got here it was difficult to have a personality in portuguese. ive definitely seen this in myself too. this week ive been praying to have more of a personality and its been working! ive laughed so much! we also had a zone meeting this week, it was great to see some americans and the training was awesome! oh and i got my christmas package! thank you thank you thank you! everyone loved the american candy and i was happy to get all my christmas decorations! the reading light and step counter were sister O. favorites haha. after the conference, we had the best lunch at a members house. i want that to be my next area but they said they dont have sisters because of safety :( the countryside here is so beautiful! today we are going on a hike somewhere by a waterfall i think (they said water but im not sure if they meant lake or waterfall haha). i absolutely love it here! the people are so kind and ive already learned so much. it is truly amazing to see the lords hand in this work. i know that he is ever with us when we put Him first. thank you for all of your love, i pray for you everyday! love you my sweet family!

sister mckenzie