Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's Going to be a HOT Christmas

I know I say this every week but I can't believe it's P-day already!! I only have six more weeks to train can you believe that? I don't ever want sister O to leave. She has been an angel in my life I have learned so much from her she's so diligent patient and powerful in lessons.  I can't wait for you all to meet her!

This week was so wonderful! All of our investigators are progressing so well it's amazing to See how the gospel can change their lives when they begin to gain a testimony. My favorite this week with the family we met on the street Thursday night. They are so amazing we started talking to them and I could just feel something different. it really felt like they had been prepared they asked us to come and visit them the next day.  We went to look for their apartment and could not find it to save our lives. We seriously walk up and down the street (which was pretty long) four times asking everyone but no one we talk to knew either.  We thought maybe they gave us the wrong address accidentally so we walked down another street that parallels the other one and we still couldn't find it. We were both so frustrated and as we were standing there trying to decide what to do. Sister O. Looked up and saw a sign with the name of the building!  It was right there all along. I was reminded of a talk from the last general conference that spoke about how we need to look up. Sometimes we are so focused on the road we are walking looking straight ahead or around us that we forget to look up heavenward.  The answers we are looking for is not always right in front of us and we need the fathers help we need to remember to look up.  When you feel like the answer isn't clear or that you Have tried everything but you're still Not having the success you want remember to look up. I know that the Lord has answers for us he is only waiting for us to look up to Him. (back to my story) It was late by the time we found their apartment so we tried the next day and they were home.  We talk to this cute little family about missionary work and what we do every day. We talked about our families our conversion stories and the book of Mormon. There was such an amazing spirit there really feels like they have been prepared. I don't know what will end up happening in my short time here but I know that someday they will join the church. 

Tomorrow's is transfers and both sister M and sister Y are leaving us. I can't believe we will have two new sisters here tomorrow. We will have to help them a lot because neither one will know the area. I'm so excited to meet them! I wonder if it will be two Brazilians again or if there will be an American. Ah, I am so curious to know! We will be spending Christmas with them and the New Year! I always forget it's almost Christmas it's SO HOT, ha ha. But I get excited when I remember! I love the family we are having Christmas with, they are the best ever! And Sister O and I are going to make cookies and brownies for our investigators and some other families in the ward. I am going to do the 12 days of Christmas for Sister O. I'm so excited she has little American presents all lined up and I'll start on the 13th.  St. Anthony DeJesus is completely Christmasized And I love it. It's the perfect place for my first Christmas on the mission. I will miss you guys but I know the time will fly and already is. I know this is where I need to be now.  I know that the Lord is with us always and He loves us so much. I am so grateful for the gift of time I have been given. This is my time to serve. I love these people so much. They have taught me many lessons in just a few short weeks and I know that I will learn much more in the coming weeks and months. I am so happy to be here!  I love you all! Don't forget to pray and study your scriptures Te amo!!!

Love Always, Sister McKenzie