Monday, June 16, 2014

This week was calm...

This week was calm. The world is on Holiday por causa da Copa. We have to go home early the days that Brazil plays, but we can hear who is winning from inside our apartment. The extra study time is wonderful! Conference talks finally arrived!!!!!!!!! PERFECT TIMING. The new Sisters are doing so well! We love them! Sister Reis was a little worried- living with three Americans but we only speak English when ABSOLUTELY necessary (words like awkward, creepy and random which do not have a Portuguese equivalent :/) but other than that we´re 100% FSL (fala sua língua).

Last goodbye to President and Sister Hart. We went to Petrolina for Zone Conference and their despedida. I can´t believe we´re already saying tchau, I just arrived at their house to meet Sister Oliveira (my trainer). And now here I am with my own filha just three days away form 9 months ahhh. I am so grateful to have had President and Sister Hart as my mission parents these last eight months. They´ve been there through the hardest parts of my mission, Always so loving, kind- truly angels. They have blessed the lives of hundreds of missionaries (and Thousandmillions and billions in eternity) through their sacrifice and service. They are truly ``examples of the believers``, ``a light on the hill``.

Our new presidente and his wife made a ``hello`` vídeo, I love them so much already! Watching their vídeo I had such a Strong impression that I´ve met them before. I have a feeling they are going to have a really big impact on my mission and throughout my life. July 4th we go back to Petrolina to meet them in real life, I´m so excited!

We met the coolest Adventista couple who own a health food store here- whole grain bread and soy milk and essential oils and quinoa = best Bonfim Discovery! There´s a really good group of free thinking healthy eaters here :) plus I´ve made friends with the dream catcher creator at the feira and he´s going to teach me to make dream catchers this week!!!

I´m so happy here! We are teaching such wonderful people, helping many come back and everyday meeting new investigators. It is truly the best thing in the world to serve as a missionary. I can say it´s the best decision I´ve made thus far in my life. I know I´m right where I´m supposed to be :) Love you guys! Be safe, say your prayers and remember that God love you more than you can understand! Ate mais!
-Sister McKenzie

sister leader love!

Uraguay + USA = Brazilian at heart

Three generations..

Coolest shirt I own..

High Five for Sister Hart!

How many mission presidentes do you know that kick a soccer ball with that level of skill?


All of Petrolina and Juazeiro

I will miss these two.. with you!

happy bus ride!

happy bus ride 2

Happy Mother Daughter


our railroad..

GOOOOO BRASIL!!! (Sorry america :(

sister mackessie

our lovely sociedade de socorro

love those girls..

love these girls.

bridge to alto..

sister stone's gato

what a cutie..

clean up clean up!