Monday, November 11, 2013

Week Two Santo Antonio De Jesus

This week flewwwww by! I can´t believe it´s already p day! Now I understand when people say that the mission goes by quick. If every week goes by this fast, I will be back in no time! Sister Oliveira and I are loving it here in Saint Antonio. The people are all so kind and our ward is wonderful. I really could not ask for a better place to serve. It makes me sad to think that I will be transferred someday :(.Our area is so beautiful. The roads are all cobblestone and since its really hilly we you can see the whole city from some streets. We walk like crazy and I love it! Sister Oliveria and I practice Portuguese phrases and sing American music. She loves Coldplay and always asks me to sing their songs for her. I think she doesn´t realize I´m a terrible singer because it´s in English haha.I always forget that she doesn´t speak English because we talk so much and I always remember the conversation in English haha. She really does want to learn and shes getting some phrases down really well! her and sister morais (one of the other sisters that lives with us) love pretending like they speak English; they just say random scriptures theyve memorized or part of the missionary purpose then say ´`ya i think so too`` hahaha its so funny. 

I love the other sisters that live with us. Its fun to have four together, we laugh so much and they save us when we forget the keys haha. Sister Morais is seriously one of the funniest people I´ve ever met. We work on English together and she helps me with my Portuguese. Oh Portuguese! Why do you have so many verb conjegations?? Thats definitely the hardest thing for me so far. Besides that, the language is coming right along. Im understanding most everything that people say. Only a few older people have really thick accents but you can usually guess at what they are saying. Just have to keep speaking and studying and I know it will come! 

The food is wonderful! Its very simple and I´ve yet to encounter anything that I feel like I aboslutely cannot eat. There are tons of street vendors here and really good ice cream shops. I´ve heard that some of the other areas have strange food, but that Saint Antonio is a really good. I agree! Our zone is so awesome too; it´s us sisters, and two elders. We meet every week and our zone leader (who is American) always helps me with grammar which is so great. This Friday we are going to Salvador for a mission conference. I´m so excited!!! I will be able to see everyone from my CTM family!!!!!!!!!! ahh! And President and Sister Hart! They are the best! It´s going to be wonderful! Oh and tomorrow guess who´s coming to visit us?! Sister Benedict!!! I finally get to meet her in real life!!!!!!!!!

 Well, I hope everything is going so well at home. Continue to read your scriptures and pray together. There is comfort, strength and joy in doing so. The Lord is preparing things for you far greater than anything you can imagine. Trust Him. Follow His way. Remember Him in all that you do, and you will find happiness and peace. I love you all and miss you (but in a happy way:)) I pray for you everyday (in Portuguese). Talk to you soon!

Sister McKenzie