Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 14, 2014
Familia: Olaaaa Senhor de Bom Fim!! So sad to say goodbye to my St. Antonio home, but I'm so excited too! Hop on the bus for 9 hours tomorrow and I'm there! With Sister De Souza, uma novina who just finished training. Brazilian again, yay! I don't think I'll ever have an American companion :) North American that is. I talked with sister Oliveira ( (minha mae), it was her first area. She said it's realy little and the ward is AMAZING! I have such a wonderful feeing about it!

My last week was amazing here! Ah I love this city. Sunday was rough saying  goodbye to my family here. Combined with 'Dues Vos Guidrde (god be with you till we meet again)", ah tears of joy and sadness, but so beautiful! I've learned so much in my time here. Not just about being a missionary (obviou, muto sobre isso) but also about the gospel, about people, about the nature of Christ, about myself. Lived and loved without regreats here. And now I'm turning a new page, starting a new chapter of the mission! So exciting!

Well lots to do today! Seeing as there's only one supermarket there and one farmacy gotta buy shampoo and skirts while I still have a chance! Love you all!

Sempre Sister McKenzie

"No se conformen con la mediorcirdad, si el exito esta' a su aleance" < elder Andersen

love this family

christmas party for the christmas lover (eu)

my lovely!

love these little ones!

sunshine state!

bubble guns

our favorite, irma gel!

best guitar teacher on the block!

´´vamos na grama, vamos na grama´´

irmã fafa and irmão sendo val! 

this poor creature, i hit its head ont he table ahhhh. but i think he was ok

ust learning karate...mission skills you never thought youd learn