Monday, June 30, 2014

World Cup Takes Over

A note from the mom: 

USA and Belgium are playing in the World Cup on Tuesday in Salvador.  Its going to be crazy there.  And a new mission president at the same time:)  I attached a link from the church news regarding the Salvador mission.

Samantha's letter:

Happy happy week! The world has been revolving around Word Cup (I really didnt realize how big of a deal soccer is, these people arent joking!), but we continue in our work and have been able to meet a lot of wonderful people. It is a little harder, but certainly not impossible! Well on game days it is actually impossible because we cant leave our house. But other than that, it´s actually been good for us, everyone is happy!
Sister Reis and I are doing wonderfully together! Ah she is such a cutie! With three Americans in the house, she is learning MUITO ingles! woo whoo! I´m so proud of her, our little Brazilian is becoming Americanized (she even likes cookies :)).
The new president arrives today! We are all so excited to meet him! I got to call Sister Hart for the last time yesterday, it was so bittersweet. I have absolutely loved having them as our mission parents, but I´m excited that they get to go back to their family. Three years! That´s double my time! We will certainly go visit them when I´m back! They live just a little ways from BYU :) So crazy to think that I´ll be back there in less than 9 months! Oh how the time flies!
I was thinking a lot this week about the blessings of serving a mission. Everyone says that the mission is the best thing you can do. I agree! It´s not easy, but it´s more than worth it. I have come to KNOW, not just believe, that Christ is my Savior, that God my loving Heavenly Father and that this is His restored church. As I study, pray and serve daily, my heart has been touched by the Spirit- the Spirit that teaches truth. And I have come to know. We can all know. That´s a promise from our Father. So if you have doubts, or are feeling lost, or sad, or troubled go to Him and He will speak unto your heart peace. Remember ``never have fear to trust an unknown future to a known God``. He is ever with you. As are my prayers! I love you!
-Sister McKenzie