Monday, November 25, 2013

Wonderful Week Lots to Look Forward to

This week has been wonderful we had so many awesome lessons and I'm feeling better and better about the language. I think the less I stress about it the better it goes I just have to take it one day at a time and be patient. My companion is so diligent and she helps me a lot with all my studies. I've been teaching her some English too it's so funny because her voice totally changes when she speaks English. She says mine changes a lot too and that I sound a lot sweeter in Portuguese ha ha, so that's good. I've been able to talk with quite a few American sisters on the phone the past couple of days and they are so awesome I can't wait to meet them all in person.  I think I will see some this Saturday because Pres. Hart grandchildren are having a fireside, so that should be good.  For Christmas everyone gets together at president’s Hart's house.  I'm so excited for that I walked our whole Mission area including the other sister’s side on Saturday it really is HUGE!!!  I'm a little nervous about when sister O leaves me.  I hope I can find everything we’re working together on trying to remember where everyone lives without looking at the addresses and I know about half which is perfect because I'm about halfway through my training. Can you believe that.  It feels like I just got here I can't imagine leaving St. Antonio it makes me sad to think one day I will be transferred.  I love it more and more every day. Our ward is so awesome and the people are incredibly friendly it is really starting to feel like home.  I feel so grateful that I can serve here it is truly a special place and I'm so happy.  I will be here for Christmas It will be strange to have a hot Christmas but at least I will be with my little Brazilian family and sister O. will still be here I made a Christmas tree for our living room I will send you pictures next week when it's all done I know I'm exactly where I need to be, doing exactly what Heavenly Father wants me to do.  I love serving these people, through them I learned so much about the nature of Christ and my relationship with him has been strengthened continue  prayer, study and service and I know the Lord will bless you.  I love you all so much.

 Love always.

Sister McKenzie