Monday, June 2, 2014

Each day here, I learn something new

Sister Reis and I are doing so well here in Bonfim! It´s been a little colder, but besides that this week was all smiles and sunshine! We are teaching such wonderful ´people and working a lot with less active members. It´s hard to see that many of them still have a testimony, they just get discouraged along the path. That´s where we come in! Helping them feel the happiness of the gospel again, it´s the best!
One of my favorite parts of this week was fast and testimony meeting- so beautiful! From the moment the first counselor sat down, there was a huge line of members to bare their testimonies. Every single one was so perfect. It´s amazing to see the strength of the members. They don´t just believe, they know. Many of them are preparing for the temple caravan that goes next month. It´s a 15 hour trip to the Recife Temple, yet almost half the branch is going. I think of what determination they have to make and renew temple covenants and to give the opportunity to their ancestors the blessings of the temple. I wish I could go with them! I miss the temple!
Each day here, I learn something new. It´s amazing how the Lord truly takes the small sacrifice of time that I´ve made and sanctifies it. My morning studies, my conversations with my companion, our lessons to investigators and less active members- everything is so much more profound here. Maybe it´s because we aren´t distracted as much by the things of the world. We really are focusing all of our time, energy, efforts and talents in the work of the Lord. And He makes the time sacred. More than any other time in my life, I can see the hand of Lord. Each day, Sister Reis and I write a miracle that happened. Usually we don't have space to fit them all! The Lord is involved in the details of our lives. He lives, and He is with us. Continue in prayer, God be with you! 
Te amo!
-Sister McKenzie

our favorite fruta- pina!

the first missionary in Bonfim returned (he´s American :))

we are creative :)

minha reinha!