Wednesday, September 18, 2013

First email from the CTM

hih ihihihi! i only have ten minutes so excuse the bad grammar and spelling|! i made it the ctm, you should have gotten the picture. my companion is sister sowers!!! we have such an awesome district and even though i was tired today, i had a lot of fun. the ctm is really cool, its in the middle of Sau Paulo and it seriously feels like heaven after you walk the streets haha. the food is wonderful!! they have lots of things to try and everything is way flavorful and good. i am so glad i brought the luggage i did, it's perfect. a few things you need to know... NO packages to the mtc at all. only letters and make sure they have the right address on them ok. oh and Jesus stickers aren't necessary apparently, so no worries there. So many miracles today, there really is such a power and peace that comes with being a missionary. i talked to three people on the way here and got all their emails and they want to hear about my mission!  I got to teach today! and i prayed in Portuguese! ps sooooo glad i took that class at byu, so helpful here. oh my p day is Wednesday so i will be emailing then. i really do love it here. it's definitely different than the States but people are friendly and i know im here for something so much bigger than myself. i cant believe im actually here!!!!!!! it's so wonderful and even better because everyone else is excited to be here too. they said we are the lucky ones for being able to come, visas are imposiblleeeee to get right now apparently we know that firsthand. i love you guys so much. know i am so happy and i haven't been crying or anything, all smiles for sister mckenzie! i got to teach a practice lesson today and i talked about you guys and how special the temple is and how much the gospel brings peace into the family. as i said it, i felt more grateful for that knowledge than i have ever before. it's amazing that i can be here and feel that same spirit. it's just the most amazing peace and comfort to know these things. keep praying and scripture studying! and know that i am happy and safe! although guess what i am that i didnt think i would be! colddddddd!! it's rainy and actually freezing here. im soo glad we packed those cardigans! and everything we packed. i am so happy that im able to be here. it really is such a blessing. gotta go, snack time with the whole building! love you all so much!

-Sister McKenzie

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