Monday, December 16, 2013

Beach Time but Not for Us

What a wonderful week it has been. Sister O. and I are loving it here in San Antonio.  We are getting ready for Christmas.  I never thought I would have Christmas in summer, haha.  Everyone is leaving for the beach this week to celebrate.  It's a little harder to contact our investigators but street contacting is great because everyone is out shoppingJ We got our two new Sisters. One of the sisters is from Louisiana and served eight months in New York waiting for her visa and now she's here!!  It's fun to have new sisters in our apartment but we miss Sister M. and Sister Y. A lot of Missionaries went home this transfer and a big group came in but only two Americans and our district got both of them so now we only have two Brazilians and the rest Americans exactly opposite of how it was last transfer this week one of the members of the 70 is visiting our mission so we will go to Salvador to see him. I'm excited to see everyone especially Sister Sowers and my CTM District and Pres. and Sister. Hart I really can't believe it's almost Christmas it feels like I just got here. I love our area more and more every day is going to be hard to leave, our ward is seriously the best ever and the people we teach our amazing. The couple I talked about last week are doing so well. We talked about the Restoration and they had so many good questions. We are going there for lunch today and she's making sister O favorite type of food I'm excited to try it. We're hoping that they will come to our Christmas devotional on Friday at the chapel. We also met an awesome girl. She was sitting on a park bench And we came up to her to invite her to church and she asked us to sit down and talk with her. We ended up teaching her the first lesson and an invitation to read the book of Mormon. She was so excited when we gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon. She promised to read. We are going to meet with her again at the park this week I am excited to teacher her again. We also had a great lesson with a girl we met at the bakery. She is so wonderful and has so many good questions. This week we will teach her the plan of salvation which is hard in Portuguese I will be practicing a lot with Sister O before!  She is so patient with me and I've learned so much with her. She really is like a sister to me. We laugh so much together and have fun while working. That's something that I've learned in the past few weeks, you have to find joy in every moment. We have so much to be happy about and our message is one of joy!  When we are happy, when we look for the good in all things,  we're able to help others find happiness too. After all, You can't share something you don't have:) I love it here! And I'm so happy! I feel blessed to have such a wonderful trainer, an awesome ward and most importantly amazing people to teach. I love them so much. Seeing how the gospel message changes their lives is so great. I know that I am exactly where I need to be at exactly the right time I miss you all, But Brazil has adopt me for a year and a half so don't worry. I'm safe and happy! Continue studying your Scriptures praying together and serving those around you I love you.

Love always,

Sister McKenzie

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